Leading dental milling machine manufacturer since 2015
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Globaldentex main products

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Our dental milling machines feature an easy-to-use design combined with a range of advanced features, making them a valuable addition to any dental practice or laboratory
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Smart Solutions
Digital dental solutions
●  Stepping into the new digital era of dentistry, Globaldentex offers various high-quality digital dental solutions for various clinical environments.

●  With our unique all-in-one solution, customized treatments can definitely be carried out efficiently.

Rectangular glass-ceramics;Li-based ceramics;Mixed materials;PMMA

Digital dental solutions
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Why Globaldentex
●  Led by the excellent and accomplished team in the dental industry, and being awarded with many authoritative certifications, patents and awards, 
Excellent and accomplished team members
Equipped with a series of rigorous product manufacturing process
Long-term and in-depth cooperation with many industry leading enterprises
Being awarded with many authoritative certifications, patents and awards
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Leading manufacturer of Dental Milling machines

Globaldentex was established in 2015, combining expertise and capabilities in the dental restoration manufacturing industry. As a leading company in the denture manufacturing industry based in Guangzhou, China, Globaldentex specializes in producing state-of-the-art dental equipment for dealer customers, dental clinics and laboratories worldwide.

●  Driven by a team of highly skilled technicians and dental experts, Globaldentex embodies excellence in every aspect of its operations.

●  The factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, strict quality control and testing to ensure high precision in denture production.

●  We utilize the latest advances in dental technology, materials and technology to provide products that meet the highest standards of aesthetics and functionality.

Successful assistance projects
350+ professional team
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Main Products
QY-4Z Glass-Ceramic Grinder; QY-5Z Zirconia Grinder; Intraoral Scanner; 3D Printer; Sintering Furnace
Digital dentistry solutions:
Orthodontics; Restorations; Implantology
Product Manufacturing Process
Generally,our finished products will cover a series of rigorous process, including:
1.Raw-material Inspection
All materials need to be strictly inspected before use to ensure product quality.
2.Product Assembly
After inspection all required materials will be assembled together.
3.Wire Connecting
Once assembled, connect the wires for further functionality.
4.Finished product testing
Once finished, the products will go into testing to ensure a normal function.
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