LCD 3D Dental Printer For Custom Implants Part 1
LCD 3D Dental Printer For Custom Implants Part 1

LCD 3D Dental Printer For Custom Implants Part

3D printing is swiftly establishing itself as a game changer in the field, allowing for quicker and more comprehensive treatment options. Our Dental 3D Printer, specifically designed for dental labs and clinics, allows for the precise and efficient creation of dental prosthetics and models. With its advanced features, it is transforming the dental industry by offering highly accurate, customizable, and time-saving solutions for dental professionals.


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    Our Dental 3D Printer is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that offers a range of benefits to dental professionals. With its high-speed printing capability and high accuracy, it provides precise and efficient production of dental prosthetics and models

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    Competitive:An innovative light source brings higher than 90% light uniformity to improve accuracy and delicate outcome.

    Intelligent:AI core brain with advanced algorithms considerably improves printing efficiency, which help to print out satisfying works easily.

    Professional: Specialized in dental and full dental applications are supported. 

    Modeling Size192120190mmHeating ModuleModeling Plate Heating
    Pixel Size50μmLCD Screen8.9-inch 4k Black and White Screen
    Layer Thickness Settings0.05~0.3mmLight Source Band405 nm LED light source
    Modeling SpeedUp to 60mm/hourDevice Size390*420*535mm
    Technology TypeLCD Light CuringResolution3840*2400 Pixels


    ● Large build volume: As a professional-grade desktop 3D printer, our product has a large build volume of 192120200mm with remarkable throughput in a small footprint. And our equipment can up to 24 arches for high performance.

    High accuracy with 4K resolution HD mono screen: Illumination uniformity can reach 90%, with XY axis precision of 50μm, which guarantees accurate dental applications with high reliability, consistency, and repeatability.

    ● Open material system: We are access to the self-developed industry-leading dental materials such as biocompatible materials, and we can work for almost full range of dental applications with 405nm LCD resin, compatible for 3rd party resins.

    User-friendly interface: Our product features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate through the various settings and options. This ensures a smooth operation and allows for quick adjustments, reducing the time spent on setup and calibration.

    ● Cost-effective: With its reasonable price point, the monochrome LCD screen offers B-side buyers a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality and performance.


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